Student Comments:

You always pitch your yoga classes at the right level, noticing where we are at physically and emotionally which is, frankly, impressive.
AD, England
I’m inspired by your calm and gentle manner; you reflect what you teach.
EL, England
Maureen is a fabulous yoga teacher. With regards to both physique and demeanour she is inspirational, spurring us on to continue our yoga in the hope of being as fit, strong and calm as she appears to be. She is warm and calm with a ready sense of humour. Maureen strikes the perfect balance between inviting us to explore different aspects of yoga without pushing us to do so if we would rather not. She allows us to progress at our own pace while pushing us gently to push ourselves. She comes to our session well prepared with a sequence of poses planned in advance. Maureen demonstrates the poses beautifully and takes care to check that we are mimicking her to the best of our ability while ensuring that we do not injure ourselves.
AW, England
Yoga retreat comments:
Maureen is a brilliant tutor/yoga teacher. She was mindful of what we were doing and adapted her classes to help us.

Maureen was a dream-fantastic yoga from a very special lady.

REALLY enjoyed the yoga!

Maureen you are the yoga queen!

various students from yoga retreats